MY-LIT: An overview

1st prize winner of the Creative Teachers Showcase in conjuction with the 19th Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (Melta) International Conference 2010.
Winner of the District Level Innovative Teacher Award 2010

MY-LIT is a web-based learning project that caters to the current KBSM English Literature Component. A school-based action research in 2009 on the use of multimedia application  in learning (LIT Module) gave impetus to this interactive learning platform for the KBSM English Lit Component. It was established in March 2010. The main objective of this site is to provide information and activities pertaining to the aforementioned areas. It also provides as a learning hub for students and teachers who are interested to delve deeper in the poems, short stories, novels and drama.

This non-commercial site comprises digital notes, interactive activities and videos that elevate the learning experience. It is geared towards autonomous learning where students can learn at their own respective paces.

It is developed by Nor Fadzleen Binti Sa'don, the Master Teacher (GC DG44) for English Language at SMK Tasek Utara, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

An academic paper on the establishment of MY LIT PROJECT will be published in the upcoming MELTA-ELT Book Series: The Use of Web 2.0. technologies in ELT Teaching in South East Asia.
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